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about Marie :

Age: 12

Date of Birth: December 6

Model from: Ozona

Place you would love to visit: The major cities in the US, which would be the opposite of what I’m used to in Denmark.

Favorite things: Driving my truck with the windows down on a nice sunny day!

hardcore wrote: Kelley has great eye contact with the camera and can pull off sultry, sexy, smiling expressions with ease, it's a pleasure to shoot Kelley. The pics on her website don't do her any justice.
cdc3 wrote: I'm just not sure that her height is really 5’9? because her legs seems short.
huntress wrote: I appreciate the feedback!
terryray wrote: Charlie Dee - charlieDee (Glamour/Lingerie/Topless)
hulk wrote: I work with TFP models and have a queue of about 25 who have asked to work TF with me and my portfolio isn't even that good. I would pay to work with maybe 6 or 7 models in the world who are all in my friend group on here and whose work I just admire so much because of their looks, but also their imagination, courage, image and online presence.
paul1 wrote: Modeling is acting with no lines to memorize, you have to convey an attitude or emotion through your facial expression and body language. You have to become whatever 'fits' the photographer's concept. Say you are lying on a rock... are you just resting or are you enticing men to approach you. If you want a great image (one that 'grabs' attention) you better be 'enticing'.
randy4 wrote: How come you guys think her hair color isn't natural? How many Chinese have you seen? There are over a billion Chinese people in the world, just imagine how huge the gene pool is. Their hair colors naturally range from light to deep brown, you don't get to see real deep "black" hair unless it's dyed. Though most people have darker hair. i personally know a 100% Chinese girl whose hair was blonde when she was a child. It was 20 years ago when the dye wasn't available so she stood out, she would do anything to make it darker. Even if the color was artificial then what? She's not the only one. Or are you saying she can't do that cause she has to have dark hair since she's Chinese? So non-Asian models can't put on cat eye make up? Black models can't straighten their hair?
rochb wrote: Beautiful!! I love his hair! His polariods are dynamite!
bessie wrote: Because I wanted feedback.

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