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about Beth :

Age: 10

Date of Birth: March 29

Model from: Tomales, CA Tomball

Place you would love to visit: I want to go back to New York and work there more, I love the city.

Favorite things: Food is my passion :D

charisma wrote: just nothing really going on in this pic. love your eyes though.
susan wrote: I'd also suggest working with your models to get them looking just how you want. Shoots seem to average at about 3-4 hours long, so really use that time to make little adjustments to pose and expression. Think about how the head is tilted, and if the shoulders and neck are relaxed.
christy wrote: Oh and did I mention the location? I better not get on to that, because I'll be here all night.
daisy06 wrote: I worked with Tillie last night at a local studio to where I am temporareliy working, as soon as I knew I was going to be in the area I contacted her in relation to arranging a shoot and her communication was second to none.
gustavo wrote: I wonder?
raphaelb wrote: Either back away from your subject and use their bodies as an element in the composition, or close to point blank range and make their bodies the composition. Make a decision and carve the lines of your image from contrast and color. Take possession of the viewer's perspective and communicate.
lorraineb wrote: Hugely experienced model that needs barely any direction, and highly recommended by us!
teodora wrote: Worked with Victoria again on 21.10.2010.
moguls wrote: What happened in photoshop? The light and shadows don't work together... certainly... individually... no, not so much.

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