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about Katie :

Age: 12

Date of Birth: July 28

Model from: Beijing, China

Place you would love to visit: Norway, New Zealand, New Guinea (to study classic tattoo technics)

Favorite things: Music, old classic English clothes

gregMitchell wrote: Worked With Tabitha at my home in Doncaster yesterday, After being let down by another model tabitha stood in for her even with such short notice, She is a lovely girl, Funny, chatty, and was great to have worked with her and finally meet her! Plus she is soo Pretty! I Would recomend ANY Photographer to work with her she is GORGEOUS!! And her photo's always come out amazing! Cant wate to work with you again babe xx.
aurea wrote: Refreshing to have the background variation. The hand might look better if twisted so we see less of the palm.
basswood wrote: omg! I just die
arty wrote: Hello and thank you for visiting my page
timb wrote: As for your concern that your color isn't consistent, unless you are photographing inside a church your are most likely fussing with your settings too much (and if you ever have photographed in a church you know exactly what that sentence means, every step you have to readjust your settings.) You may be like a new driver who will fiddle with the steering wheel too often. Just set your white balance, you can even buy some grey cards to carry around, and you should be fine in most situations. If you have photoshop you can also play with "selective color" to adjust only the reds or blues etc. That way the entire photo can be re-saturated a single color range at a time.
betsy9 wrote: looks like Abercrombie and Fitch to me
melissa64 wrote: What is she like to work with ?? hmmmmmmmmm She is such a great bundle of fun, she is vibrant, happy and her enthusiasm just comes out of her !! Spent quite a bit of time laughing and she is a delight to work with. She is great person to control with shots and there are few if any things that I would change.
ginty wrote: He?s so beatiful,and in my opinion he has a lot of potencial!
hg62 wrote: If I'm not mistaken, high fashion is similar to haute couture. Your wardrobe doesn't even come close. Your expression is blank and the lighting is flat. This all adds up to mediocre pics. You need to study the look you want a little more closely. Maybe this is the look you want and you simply are describing it and naming it improperly.

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